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Review "A Gentleman's Dignity"

This drama successfully steal my heart and make it as my favorite korean drama in 2012.
You know that the rating of episodes of this drama are quite high, the average is about 20%.
The main casts are weww so famous in acting career.
The plot is daebak too, I think the story of this drama is based on the reality in Korean society maybe.
And don't be too anxious chingu about the ending. It it a happy ending drama ^.^

Well, enough with my comments about this drama (it is never ending comment in the end because the drama is so daebak!! hehee)

Now, I will tell you about the story of this drama.
1.  This drama starts with the story of the friendship of four middle-aged men (to be clearly is about 41 years old). The two of them are single, one is widower, and one is already married.

Lee Jung Rok. Kim Do jin, Im Tae San, and Choi Yoon
The first one on the left is Lee Jung Rok
He is already married. His characteristics are so metrosexual and playboy. Although he is the most stupid in the group, but he has so many connections and most of them are women absolutely hahaa. He runs several business.
The second is Kim Do Jin
He is still single. He is an architect. His characteristics are arrogant, playboy, playful and over confident. He is the main cast of this drama.
The third is Im Tae San
He is still single. is characteristics are loveable, romantic, and hot-tempered. He is an engineer and Kim Do Jin partner.
The fourth is Choi Yoon
He is a widower who wants to try to forget his memories with his wife. He is a lawyer and the smartest among the others.

2.  Here their partner, the women.
Seo Yi Soo, Hong Se Ra, Park Min Sook, and Im Meahri
The first one on the left is Seo Yi Soo.
She is an ethic teacher in senior high school. She is a umpire for an amateur baseball game too. Her age is 36 years old. She is so kind and mature.
The second is Hong Se Ra
She is a professional golfer. Her age is around 36 years old too. She is a cold-hearted woman who likes money.
The third is Park Min Sook.
She is landlord. She has many lands and very rich person in her neighbourhood. She is the oldest among the others.
The fourth is Im Meahri.
She is Im Tae San's litlle sister. Her age is around 24 years old. She is the youngest woman in this drama. She loves making bags and do not complete his degree because of that.

3. Their romance ^^
Kim Do Jin ❤ Seo Yi Soo
  • They met for the first time at Jung Rok cafe and at street mall. Well, at first Kim Do Jin think that they are not the same woman.
The First Meeting
The Second Meeting
  • Kim Do Jin falls in love at first sight, but later he finds out thet Seo Yi Soo has one-sided love with Im Tae San. Do jin starts to begin his one-sided love towards Seo Yi Soo. But Do Jin is a realistic person. Although he starts liking Seo Yi Soo, but he still sleeps with the other woman. 
I just like his last statement not his action
YS :  Is this the proper attitude of someone with an unrequited love?
DJ : One-sided love of a man.. Can't I sleep with other women?
YS : Does that make sense?!
DJ : You like another man, but you're expecting pure love from me?
YS : ....
  • But in the end, Seo Yi Soo falls in love wit Kim Do Jin.
Woww really nice view
  • And jrenggg.. Kim Do Jin's son appears, Collin. 
His name is Collin. He is son from Eun Hee (the four men's first love) with Kim Do Jin
  • Well, it makes Seo Yi Soo sad and heart broken. She always cries and cries.
  • Ultimately, Seo Yi Soo can forget Do Jin past and sincerely accepts him and his son.
Nice View

Im Tae san ❤ Hong Se Ra
  • There is no story about their first meet, and suddenly they started dating. They started quarrel because Sera wears sexy clothes. Then, they make up with each other in Im Tae San's construction site.
First Date
  • They always get fight. This time because of Sera's jelousy over Seo Yi Soo. She knew that Seo Yi Soo's 20 second love is Im Tae San. Yaa they make up again in the middle of Sera's match.

  • This is their biggest quarrel. Im Tae San wants to get married and has children with Sera, but Sera does not want that because she still think about her career as professional golfer.
TS : My mother wants to meet you once.
SR : I don't want to.
TS : Do you not want to marry me?
SR : I like Im Tae San, but I don't like marriage.
TS : You and I are old enough to have been married twice!
SR : That's true for most people. But, I don't want to! If I get married, what I'll do about practicing?
TS : You can do it after you get married too. Why do you act like the world will end if you get married?
SR : What if I get pregnant? Then Hong Se Ra, the professional golfer will no longer exist!
  • Ultimately, in the end they end up making up and Sera consider getting married because she really loves Taesan. Sera gets pregnant too ^^
TS : Do you want to die? I love you! Get in my arms!
"Sera is 6 weeks pregnant and the fetus is healthy"

Choi Yoon ❤ Im Meahri
  • Hmm This drama said that Choi Yoon knew Im Meahri from she was born. This  is how they meet after Meahri come back to Seoul from Japan. 
Although her brother is there, Meahri still wants to hug Yoon first.
  • Yoon always avoids Meahri and makes she sad, because he thinks that his previous wife and friendship are more important than Meahri. But he acknowledges that Meahri is beautiful.
Meahri is always crying.
  • Taesan hates the fact that Meahri loves Yoon. He sends Meahri to America. But, Yoon chases Meahri to airport and begs Meahri to not leave him. He confesses his love to Meahri.
Meahri is crying in front of Yoon's wife tomb.
Meahri finally smiles
  • Yoon begs to Taesan to give him her little sister to him. Taesan beat him. They rarely talk to each other since then. But later, Taesan gives permission to them to love each other with one condition Yoon have to married with Meahri. Yoon and Meahri immediately agree with that condition.
Taesan asks Yoon and Meahri to get married
Yoon and Meahri's wedding

Lee Jung Rok ❤ Park Min Sook
  • They already married and do not have children. When they get married, the broom invites his female friends who are younger and beautiful than Min Sook. Hahaa.
  • Jung Rok is kind of playboy that hides his wedding ring when he sees beautiful young women. He likes having fun with them. He always get caught by his wife and he never denies the truth. And his wife always finds his ring too. Hahaa so funny.
When Jungrok has a new part-time employee who is girl
When Jung Rok creates alibi that he is having fn with his friends
Jungrok swallows his wedding ring
  • Time goes by, Jungrok seems does not want to have fun with the other women. Minsook is always suspicious and asks every woman who talks with Jungrok.
Minsook asks the woman who talks to Jungrok
  • Minsook is pity herself for doubting Jungrok all the time. She wants  and begs him to get divorce. Jungrok acknowledges that he does wrong. Jungrok seems shock watching his wife cries because of him.
Minsook begs Jungrok to let her go
  • Jungrok still finds a way to get back to his wife and in the end he succeed. His wife told him that she gives up on having child and wants to become adoptive parents instead.
At baseball match, the two teams get fight but Jungrok does not care about it and still gives love sign to Minsook
they make up with each other

4. The gentlemen photos with their partners
friendship is never die, right?
That's all about this drama. Well, I recommend you to watch this drama. This drama is so funny and emotional. There are so many messages that you can learn from this drama.


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